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0000428Scripts[Scripts]public2012-04-10 12:472012-04-13 18:29
Assigned ToMichael 
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Summary0000428: manual installation of Rootless crashes at step "InstallPackage Compile"
Description--- Background ---
During the manual installation of Rootless following
  http://wiki.gobolinux.org/index.php?title=Rootless#Manual_Installation [^]
the installation is interrupted by the message
  CheckDependencies: Bash is not installed.
  CheckDependencies: Install official_package for Bash 4.2 or skip this dependency? ...

--- Symptom ---
When choosing to install the package (tested with Bash and in the next try after skipping
Bash with Binutils) after eg
   CheckDependencies: Install official_package for BinUtils 2.21.1 or skip this dependency?
the install script crashes saying
  CheckDependencies: At file '/tmp/Scripts-ralf/dependencies_cache//official_package/BinUtils--2.21.1--i686.tar.bz2': Error at line '<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"'
   (hundreds of lines like that)
   (desperate stack trace of System/Links/Executables/CheckDependencies)

All of the files in
are the same, namely the html-dump from http://www.gobolinux.org. [^]

Manually downloading eg Bash with the output of
  FindPackage -t official_package Bash
(more or less like in line 76 of InstallPackage) with
  wget http://kundor.org/gobo/packages/official/Bash--4.2--i686.tar.bz2 [^]
  InstallPackage Bash
works well up to the point where another package (eg Ncurses) is
required followed by the same symptoms including downloading "the"
html file instead of Ncurses--5.9--i686.tar.bz2.
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Michael (developer)
2012-04-13 18:28

I think this is a result of the kundor.org mirror now redirecting to gobolinux.org -- have a look in /S/S/Scripts/GetAvailable.conf, and switch to either http://gobolinux.org/packages/official/MANIFEST.bz2 [^] or http://gytha.org/gobo/packages/official/MANIFEST.bz2 [^] (and then clear out dependencies_cache). I have updated the default settings for the next release.

Note though that InstallPackage isn't really suitable for Rootless anyway. Other than for Scripts and Compile it's likely to cause problems, and you should use Compile to build things instead, which should work fine. As the page you linked says:

Note that nothing other than Scripts and Compile should be installed using InstallPackage: packages will not be binary-compatible. If you're asked to fulfill dependencies when installing a package, you should choose to skip them all, and install them using Compile.

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