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0000430Scripts[Scripts]public2014-01-24 01:272014-05-02 13:18
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Summary0000430: A few bugs with the latest CD Installer - I will write it down in one summary
DescriptionSome bugs or missing things:

- There is no "Install GoboLinux" icon when startx-ing KDE. (How to start the install menu from KDE when no icon is available? I was not sure of the name of the installer, once I find out, I can add this to the wiki too.)

- There is some bug with "/System/Links/Executables/GoboLinuxInstaller" in the keymap, it reports: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/System/Links/Shared/Installer/TestingInputs/keymap'

- There also was some issue with "ls -l", at least on the laptop I tested. It did not list one entry at a line, it somehow overflew (I think I have to make a screenshot, that's easier than trying to describe it with words alone. Perhaps someone can try out "ls -l" from the CD and see if there is a proper newline at the end of each line?)

- The boot-menu seems to list only install-option (no live cd option?) but of course it is actually the live cd option, just not properly named. On Ubuntu you get an entry stating "install cd", then you instantly get to the install section, on gobolinux you will actually get into the live cd mode. My suggestion would be to, for now, change this to "boot gobolinux", perhaps even add new entries giving people the chance to directly boot into KDE too.
Additional InformationThis was the latest .iso, test this on 23. January 2014
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pepetko (reporter)
2014-02-05 01:50

to fix 2-nd issue:
#: find TestingInputs / | grep TestingInputs
for me it was /Programs/Installer/20140121-SVN/Shared/Installer
then replace with it variable "shared" value in /System/Links/Executables/GoboLinuxInstaller (line 24)

ls -l really so weird, but looks like it's not "ls" problem, all output is little buggy:
http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-02052014-013856pm.php [^]
http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-02052014-014155pm.php [^]
http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-02052014-014335pm.php [^]

Also, seems like Installer doesn't formating partitions at all.

Anyway Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for my English
shevegen (reporter)
2014-02-05 01:52

Oh I see so it is /Programs/Installer
shevegen (reporter)
2014-02-05 01:53

Yes, that was exactly the same thing I have seen myself in shell.

It is as if something has broken the terminal and failed to reset it again.
pepetko (reporter)
2014-02-06 12:16

As I mentioned before no partition formating happens.
Installer can't see unprepared partitions. (before "Installer" "fdisk" needed)
Installer fails on grub installation step, with mounted device.

I've chrooted into it(/dev /proc and /sys already mounted)
grub-install says that installation complete, no errors. But after reboot I got "device <device_UUID> not found" and grub rescue prompt.
ls shows device (hd0) but "ls hd0" returns "unknown FS" (but I've formatted it to ext2)

So, I can't even install GoboLinux

P.S. Damn Hobo!
shevegen (reporter)
2014-02-07 01:18

Lucas said that the issues are known, a few of them partially (or entirely) fixed.

We should actually split up the issues into standalone components, come to think about it, so it is easier to keep track of them and then have them fixed. ;-)
lucasvr (administrator)
2014-05-02 13:18

Thanks for the bug reports, guys. I will update the bootloader entry string based on your suggestion.

pepetko, we indeed don't have fdisk integrated with the installer. In the last beta you can see the gparted icon next to Installer on the desktop, so you can use that software to update your partition table.

Anyhow, we are very close to the release of 015 final. I think that the majority of the bugs reported have been addressed by now. We will have a last cycle of tests this weekend before we final announcement.

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