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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00004331   [LiveCD]
minornew2014-05-19EConnMan not able to configure or connect Wifi or Broadband
  00004306   [Scripts]
majornew2014-05-02A few bugs with the latest CD Installer - I will write it down in one summary
  000043211 [gobolinux.org]
majornew2014-05-02GoboLinux-015_alpha-i686 does not boot from USB optical drive
  0000431    [Scripts]
minornew2014-03-16Latest 015 Beta iso - "Could not find mime types"
  0000429    [Scripts]
featurenew2012-08-15Move Gobolinux to Github
  000038841 [Scripts]
majorresolved (lucasvr)2012-06-25Rootless: CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS/LDFLAGS not set on Linux
  00004281   [Scripts]
blockfeedback (Michael)2012-04-13manual installation of Rootless crashes at step "InstallPackage Compile"
  0000425    [gobolinux.org]
minornew2010-09-23udev makes persistent net and cd rules under etc
  0000424 1 [Compile]
minornew2010-07-30RecipeLint does not recognize scons_variables in scons recipes.
  0000423    [Scripts]
minornew2010-07-10Scripts used by Rootless require python >= 2.5
  00004206   [Compile]
minornew2010-03-22configure_do_configuration should not mutate variables
  0000417    [Recipes]
blocknew2009-09-24linux fails during install
  00003801   [Scripts]
minornew2009-09-24NewVersion should be slightly more explicit
  0000416    [Recipes]
minornew2009-09-09FlashPlayer problem compiling
  0000415    [LiveCD]
majornew2009-09-01can`t see what is mounted at /
  0000414    [GoboLinux 014]
blocknew2009-08-22startx fails to bring up desktop
  0000412    [gobolinux.org]
featurenew2009-07-20Versioning of /S/I/ and an /S/I/Current symlink, to provide easy rollbacks
  0000411    [gobolinux.org]
textnew2009-07-20A "rosetta stone" for package management
  0000410    [BootScripts]
featurenew2009-06-29Manual pages for all configuration files
  00004031   [Scripts]
minorresolved (lucasvr)2009-06-25NewVersion fails to warn about existing recipe version when passed a url
  0000409    [Compile]
majornew2009-06-19Python buildscript always uses --root
  0000408    [Compile]
crashnew2009-06-11glibc 2.8 Compile bricks system
  00003981   [Recipes]
majorresolved (mohjive)2009-06-11Compile cannot finish Glibc installation and breaks system
  0000407    [Recipes]
minornew2009-05-19DCron needs a task
  0000406    [GoboLinux-i686]
minornew2009-05-19Collecting bug for 015
  0000405    [Recipes]
minornew2009-05-19Switch to system-auth for Linux-PAM
  0000404    [GoboLinux-i686]
minornew2009-05-19Use TCB instead of Shadow by default
  0000402    [GoboLinux-i686]
trivialnew2009-05-12Rootless does not make .cache directory for .zsh_history
  00004011   [Compile]
trivialresolved (mohjive)2009-05-10redirect to dev/null instead of /dev/null
  00001302   [Scripts]
(No Category)
minorresolved (detsch)2009-05-10CheckDependencies does not support '<' operator
  00003731   [Compile]
majorfeedback2009-05-10Setuptools package
  00003823   [Recipes]
minorresolved (mohjive)2009-05-10kde4.1.3 fails and loop on Compiling Phonon version 4.2.0
  00003921   [Scripts]
majorassigned (detsch)2009-05-10substring search does not return complete results
  0000400    [Recipes]
majornew2009-03-13mirror of lzma-4.32.7.tar.gz is down, unable to update Scripts/Compile
  00003901   [Recipes]
minorresolved2009-02-17Xorg-Server 1.5.2-r5 build fails
  0000396    [Manager]
minornew2009-02-17fault in popup menu "Edit Recipe"
  00003661   [Recipes]
minorassigned (giamba)2009-02-15Dependencies incorrect for recipe Fontconfig 2.6.0
  0000393    [Recipes]
blocknew2009-02-15GfxBoot archive not available for download
  0000391    [Recipes]
minornew2009-01-15Xerces-C++ 2.8.0 fails
  0000386    [Recipes]
minornew2008-12-20No Recipe or Upgrade Path for Rootless
  00003641   [LiveCD]
minornew2008-12-18Widescreen resolution 1152x768 instead of 1440x900
  0000385    [Scripts]
trivialnew2008-12-14zsh home end on commandlines fail when using vte based terminals
  0000384    [Scripts]
minornew2008-12-04RemoveProgram is not case-insensitive
  0000383    [gobolinux.org]
minornew2008-11-29RSS and Recipes out-of-sync
  00001381   [BootScripts]
minorresolved (mohjive)2008-11-18Bootlogging does not work
  00003691   [Recipes]
trivialresolved2008-11-18broken xfce meta recipe
  0000381 1 [Recipes]
minornew2008-11-09Rootless in Cygwin on Vista: patch gives permission denied
  00003721   [Compile]
minorresolved (mohjive)2008-11-05dependency failure not retried on next build
  0000379    [Recipes]
majornew2008-10-03Circular dependency between HAL and HAL-Info
  00003772   [Recipes]
featurenew2008-09-27Adding Ruby Distutils support
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